Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Windsor, Lansing

The decision to get a tattoo is a very personal decision and each tattoos is unique, having meaning to  you and those close to you. But…sometimes things change.  You change.  Relationships and loves are lost.  You may want to start a new job or begin a new life.

Whether you elect erasure of your tattoo, or wish it faded for a cover up, we have your back.

With the combination of years of experience and access to the latest technology, we are ready to help you fade or remove all treatable colors.

There is no FDA or other disclosure requirement regarding ink content, concentrations, or ingredients.  Inks vary in density and many of the denser colors overlap so they can not be determined by the unaided eye. Some inks coming from Asia have a maximum density that renders them permanent. Fluorescent inks are not treatable.  White is also not treatable due to oxidation turning them white to black (and worsening their appearance).

During laser tattoo treatment, many darker colors undergo a chemical change which brings them into the green spectrum of colors (and requiring a Ruby 694 wavelength laser for adequate removal).